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Disinfectant Fogger Specialists

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Disinfectant Fogger Specialists

Sparkling Bright Cleaning Service utilise disinfectant fogger machines to create safe working environments for commercial clients in Donegal and the surrounding areas.

Our disinfectant fogging machine is suitable for treating large spaces and effectively kills harmful viruses by way of a simple spray and walk away system.

Every team member at Sparkling Bright Cleaning Service is fully trained and certified to operate a disinfectant fogging machine in order to provide the highest standard of service in relation to health and safety.

We only use eco-friendly fog machine disinfectant products throughout the sanitisation process and aim to complete every office and workplace sanitisation service as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

The disinfectant fogging machine used by our team is able to cover large areas without missing any surfaces and eliminates the need to wipe down surfaces unlike traditional cleaning methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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