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Fishing Boat Valet Service

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Fishing Boat Valet Service

Sparkling Bright Cleaning Service provide a specialist fishing boat valet service for clients based in Donegal and parts of Northern Ireland, including Omagh, Strabane and Derry.

We help fishing vessels, who are preparing to spend months out at sea, create safe and sanitised working environments by completing a thorough cleaning and sanitisation process.

From cleaning common touchpoints such as railings and handles, to ensuring sleeping quarters and kitchens are safe to use, our fishing boat valet service team will ensure every crew member steps onto a pristine vessel ahead of their time on board.

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Our Boat Valeting & Cleaning Checklist Includes

High-use touchpoints and surfaces cleaned and disinfected

On-board kitchens cleaned and sanitised

Cleaning of sleeping quarters and captains' deck

Toilets and showers cleaned and sanitised

Frequently Asked Questions

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